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Relick and Associates (RAA), formed in 2008, specializes in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), commonly known as "Sweeps".  We use state of the art equipment to locate transmitting and non-transmitting covert listening devices to include analog and digital recorders as well as cameras.

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures) is best defined as the application of specialized knowledge and equipment to counter the deployment of electronic surveillance, or bugging, devices. A professional TSCM inspection will involve the detailed examination of many aspects of the area under review, including comprehensive electronic, visual, thermal, and physical examinations.  All means of egress from the area (telephone wires, AC wiring, CCTV wiring, ethernet wiring, ductwork, etc.) are physically and electronically examined for anomalies, and vulnerabilities are identified.

Reasons for TSCM Surveys:

Security countermeasures are a vital component for protecting corporate assets and confidentiality.  Intellectual properties, strategies, marketing, pricing, R&D, mergers and acquisitions, executive travel plans, and litigation matters are all sensitive information.  Would anyone benefit from obtaining this information?  What is the value of this information to your company?  What would the economic consequences be of disclosure of sensitive information?

Companies are vulnerable in varying degrees from disgruntled or dishonest employees, activists, litigants, private investigators, law firms, and competitors.  In some cases the competitors could be backed by the resources of foreign governments.  Can your company be sure that a cleaning person has not been paid to place a simple bugging device in an office?  Can a company be assured that no one is listening to sensitive conversation being transmitted (often unintentionally) on the telephone system?

Electronic eavesdropping is devastating to any business with information to protect.  Proactive TSCM not only mitigates the risk – it satisfies due diligence and management fiduciary responsibilities.

Although direct costs to businesses in the US from illegal eavesdropping are difficult to quantify, in 1999 the FBI and the US Chamber of Commerce estimated that US companies lose approximately $2 billion per month to corporate espionage.  The US State Department estimates that at least $800 million of illegal electronic eavesdropping equipment is imported into the US each year.  And in the US, over six millions dollars worth of surveillance devices are sold to the public each day.

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